Why Such a Mixture of Members?


Timeshare products are sold in many different countries by many sellers who employ sub-agents, all of whom are linked to a single directing mind. Many selling operations elect to be domiciled or part homed in different jurisdictional locations, which can frustrate and delay justice.

The simple fact is, a wealth of experience in selling and in documentary evidence needs to be unearthed. As significant amounts of information is located in the minds of people who are ostracised, they are unable to share their knowledge and information despite a willingness to do so. Some will not be experienced in law or how to put an argument across, but they have core knowledge of the products, the way those products were sold and the confidence of those who were mis-sold the products, giving them a valuable position, which others will benefit from.

Knowing the many victims, experiencing the wrongful acts some have perpetrated and being in possession of many manuals, industry documents and in-depth knowledge of the personalities who have participated in mis-selling, many have understood they can be of significant benefit. In some cases it might be in a client’s best interests to embrace these individuals and obtain their knowledge and experience through the Institute.

These people can and do have a role to play, they need to be assisted, so the ‘nuggets’ are unearthed, exposed and applied in reasoned arguments.

In some quarters, UK solicitors retain the belief that they are the bastion of all legal matters. However, in matters of timeshare and timeshare law, it is plain to see, that many contracts cross jurisdictional lines. English consumers must fight cases in such places as the U.S, Malta, Thailand, Spain, etc. and UK solicitors have a need to acquiesce to the theory that they will benefit from the external assistance of others, even as international lawyers, regulated and licenced lawyers and experts in their field. Equally those in international jurisdictions need the assistance of UK solicitors and or paralegals.

All litigators need to access what is a large pool of clients who need good advice and direction after considering the documents that have been disclosed by the client, past sellers, and pooled libraries.

In some circumstances, solicitors and international lawyers will be able to bring cost effective ‘similar fact’ evidence cases as ‘group actions’. Benefitting from all the documents provided by the members, the group of clients, and the marketers, all of whom can equally assist, in delivering the client, to those who lead and best serve the case.

It should be realised that TETLI want to break new ground while continuing to offer an improved service to your audience. All seek accelerated introductions to clients as they will bring added benefits to the pool of existing clients. It makes sense to take an entrepreneurial approach, as it has proved successful in the past and with many other forums of litigation.

By diversifying, TETLI will be able to continue to operate existing services indefinitely while substantially increasing the ability to innovate.