What Are Reserved Legal Activities?


In accordance with the Legal Services Act 2007, the only reserved legal activity that can be delivered by some non-solicitors is the administration of oaths. 

If you are employed by, and working under the supervision of, an authorised person (i.e. CILEx Practitioner, solicitor, barrister, licensed conveyancer), in a law firm or in-house, you may carry on the reserved legal activity that your authorised supervisor is entitled to carry on, by virtue of being his employee.

Members employed in a solicitor’s firm are authorised to carry out the following reserved legal activities:

  • Exercise a right of audience in chambers hearings in the county court, high court and family court
  • Reserved instrument activities (conveyancing)
  • Probate activities
  • Notarial activities
  • The administrative of oaths
  • The conduct of litigation