Welcome to The European Timeshare Law Institute (TETLI)!

You have arrived at the section of TETLI intended to provide timeshare consumers, ie timeshare owners, with vital general information and advice relating to:

  • timeshare law
  • the timeshare litigation industry
  • advice in pursuing timeshare litigation (timeshare termination  and/or timeshare compensation)

In providing this service, the objective is to help owners achieve a just outcome by equipping them with a better understanding of their 'timeshare contract'; by identifying options available (with respect to pursuing legal resolutions); and perhaps more importantly, how to progress any action.

Irrespective of the information gleaned from these pages, the importance of obtaining advice from a legal practitioner who possesses an in-depth knowledge of this highly specialised sector of law, must be stressed. Someone who can interpret the owner's specific circumstances in order to guide them through this labyrinthine environment.