Timeshare OPCs


The timeshare industry, and the products it sells do not appear in shops. The products do not appear to be sellable without bait being set. Therefore, the resort sellers need people to fill the sales appointments at timeshare sales presentations. It is these people who connect with holiday makers or as they like to say, “prospective timeshare buyers”.

These connections are made in public venues and are generally known as an OPC. The initials stand for ‘off-premises contact’ or ‘outside public contact’ depending upon whom you ask.

The person may be an employee of the timeshare company, a sub-contractor or a contracted party to the company. They deal in sales of new timeshare only, not timeshare re-sales or timeshare rentals.

OPC’s frequently operate from a hotel desk, hotel lobbies, kiosks (in  high traffic tourist areas) or patrol the boardwalks, promenades and beaches. An OPC rarely offers mini-vacations or reduced rate vacations as these approaches are conducted by “drive buyers”. OPC's will be recruiting you to attend a sales presentation, either at the timeshare resort or at a nearby location in return for gifts. As a ‘thank you’ for your time, you will typically be offered something of value, such as restaurant passes, tickets to shows or theme parks, occasionally merchandise like luggage or small electronics, or you could have won on a scratch card. In one case on OPC handed out prepaid credit cards to people attending timeshare sales presentations.

As a marketing tool, timeshare companies have successfully used this method for many years. Like any other aspects of business, this sales tactic may have to be rethought over time to best serve the needs of prospective timeshare sellers and to better serve the changing needs of timeshare developers.

This is the reason why timeshare is not bought - it is sold.

You are sold, induced, netted, and groomed from the start and many turn up to a sales presentation not understanding what was about to happen.