Scope of Operations


The Institute intends to represent and assist all those who are within it, no matter what capacity or membership they retain. TETLI will offer assistance or be involved in the delivery of assistance to members who are experiencing issues with the services they provide.

The European legal profession has devolved into many facets, many types of lawyers, salespeople, arbiters, mediators, paralegals, claims management companies and lead generators, all of whom are vying for a share in what is described as the rapidly expanding market for the provision of timeshare legal services.

Originally that service was depressed on account of the complexity of the products sold, the hostility delivered by parts of the industry and the delivery of derogatory campaigns. This resulted in many avoiding the delivery of the legal service leaving the hardy with the task of assisting in ever increasing workloads.

With the dismissal of many sales people who were trained in the selling of the products, today we find a flood of what was once highly guarded information. The release of these documents has provided helpful assistance in complex matters and the risk averse are now embracing more and more opportunities to advance allegations and claims.

Having seen an explosion of bad practices and other related misdemeanours, some authorities are clamping down, carrying out investigations regarding complaints, making arrests, convicting and sentencing the worst offenders. Amid this, those who operate in this field of expertise are faced with a barrage of derogatory statements, unjustifiable slurs and innuendos that create a blight against them and the profession itself.

It is a fact that most travellers commence a journey on a category ‘C’ road that leads to a category ‘B’ which then leads to an ‘A’ road and on to a motorway to what is described as the traveller’s destination - the Court. Each road requires the others to fulfil the objectives of getting access to justice in the court. Should one road deliver dissent about the others, chaos is created and the consumer’s journey is frustrated. This in turn delivers little in the way of confidence, and is a detriment to all, resulting in unprofitability.

So this has to stop. By those seeking a living in or on the periphery the profession.

At present there is controversy regarding the introduction of ‘crypto’ and ‘credit-based’ currencies - products which may need to be investigated because history shows that as one product is sold and discarded an alternate is being developed. Thus, it is clear that the selling of these kinds of products still has legs and will continue for some time.

It is also worthwhile noting that despite the number of clients you presently have there are over 1,000 resorts who have over tens of thousands of consumers within them, all of whom were sold the products complained of. Therefore, what is being squabbled over are the crumbs of what could be a very large conglomerate of potential clients located in jurisdictions all over the world.

Despite most having received grounding in the laws surrounding timeshare sold in their homeland countries, the jurisdictional implications of others somewhat thwart your required expansion as at present, the sharing of information is confined to small enclaves.

Members need, with assistance, to create a library of sale contracts, constitutions, sales literature, finance contracts, the application of laws, the legal rules, existing professional advices and many other valuable documents which will assist our members in every jurisdiction and in all cases.

Further, it goes without saying, the legal systems and court rules in one country may well be understood by a homeland lawyer. However, an alien lawyer has a need for advice, information and experienced assistance, with referral points and a grounding in what their client can expect, should they seek recompense in that country/state.

Understanding that this need exists, TETLI can and will provide the connections to members as an intermediary.

The Institute intends to award memberships to organisations, companies, individuals, lawyers, solicitors and others, both within and outside of the United Kingdom, so they can make undertakings with each other, form partnerships, ‘link associations’ and further their overriding objective to receive well paid assistance from an expert. Again, TETLI can assist in this activity.

For those who have a need for competent advice, the drafting of letters, access to draft legal advices and/or the assistance with the serving of termination notices, relinquishment, hand backs deeded timeshare or any other form of pre-action notices, letters and/or a requirement in the delivery of pre-action advice to clients, the Institute can and will assist them. TETLI will, in the absence of the documents, obtain and provide them. By doing so, assisting members in having a complete set of professionally drafted termination notices which can be adapted to each situation faced.

It is not uncommon in exploding markets, that those who operate within them have expertise which others do not appreciate. As we are dealing with complex matters involving consumer contracts, the way they were sold, the jurisdiction they were sold in, and a variety of alternate forums in which to deliver the termination and compensation claims, it follows that the regulated amongst us ought not to discount the contributions of others that have significant grounding in the products themselves. If they are welcomed and embraced the consequences are that they will add further understanding and benefit to the service that the regulated are providing.

One cannot help noticing the fractionalised personalities and streams of professionals all vying for clients. In some cases, we have seen an introduction of derogatory comments about each other which when added into the mix creates dissent against all. So, by being a member and homogenising the concept of betterment, it will provide (to all) successful growth, elevated profitability, longevity of good services by professional membership and all conducted within in a framework of other professionals without the worry of contravening the many obligations that may lead to troubles.

This is what TETLI seeks to achieve for its membership.