Probate in Timeshare


If a timeshare member has recently passed away, may we offer our condolences.

If you need to establish the value of a timeshare week for probate purposes - 

You may consult with Blakeney Timeshare Management Ltd. Their office is not authorised to advise you of a valuation for your timeshare week, but please check, if you can, the comparable values used by other timeshare members.

If you have lost the original Lease or Deed of Assignment.

If you require copies of lost documents, these in most cases can be ordered directly via the solicitors retained by Blakeney Timeshare Management Ltd at a cost of £50 plus vat per document:

Ben Darlow, Shakespeare Martineau LLP, Two Colton Square, Leicester, LE1 1QH       

Where the timeshare interest was held in joint names and a spouse has been left as the surviving leaseholder

There is no immediate requirement for a surviving spouse who jointly owned the lease, to change the names on the original lease, please simply send to our office address, a certified copy of the relevant Death Certificate.

Mark Hutchings, Landlord Direct, 34 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7PL

Remember to check that the representative dealing with the probate has paid any past maintenance fees from the Estate.

If you have inherited a Timeshare Lease by Assent

An Assent is the name of the document used to transfer legal ownership of property or land from the estate of someone who has died, into the name of the new owner. If you have inherited a lease by Assent, then please send a certified copy of the Assent to our office address.

Mark Hutchings, Landlord Direct, 34 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7PL

Surrender a Timeshare Lease

If you are a surviving spouse or other person who has inherited a Timeshare Lease, but do not wish to keep it then you may decide to surrender the lease, but there is a set company procedure that needs to be followed.


Intestacy is where a person dies without a Will and the Rules of Intestacy decide who can be appointed as a Personal Representative and how the deceased's Estate is to be distributed.

The representative may make an Assent to a beneficiary. - please send a Certified Copy of such an Assent

Mark Hutchings, Landlord Direct, 34 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7PL

If a beneficiary does not want to keep the inherited timeshare week than they may apply to surrender the lease.

In all cases they may request a certified copy of the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration to confirm the personal representative's authority to deal with the timeshare week.


Timeshare Probate Solicitors

Blakeney Timeshare Management Ltd
C/o Landlord Direct
34 Musters Road, 
West Bridgford, 
NG2 7PL.