Our Mission, Vision and Strategy


The Mission

  • To increase consumer trust in holiday and timeshare litigation, through raising this industry sector's professional and ethical standards.
  • To increase the probability of achieving just outcomes in timeshare related disputes through providing intelligence, assistance and support to legal professionals who  are engaged in the delivery of litigation services to their clients, ie predominantly timeshare owners.


The Vision

  • We believe that the Institute, supported by our members, can and will make a positive difference in what is presently a challenging sector of the legal profession.
  • We believe we can significantly reduce 'consumer victims' by increasing the number of knowledgeable professionals able and capable of delivering quality advice and services and promoting their existence to long-term holiday consumers. 
  • We believe by forming a community of holiday law professionals, corresponding value will be created for our members, their clients, other legal professionals’ holidaying consumers and other legal professionals.
  • We intend to establish and maintain the Institute's position as a recognised body of authority in long-term holiday, timeshare, leisure credits and holiday club law (including deeded and fractional ownership products) to ensure that our members’ ambitions, goals and professional integrity are protected.
  • The Institute is deeply committed to promoting equality and inclusion in the professional service provided by timeshare lawyers, thus we intend to create a Women’s Lawyers Division and will launched a programme which aims to achieve equality for women within the international timeshare legal profession.


The Strategy

In pursuing its Mission and Vision, the Institute:

  • will engage with everyone involved in delivering (and/or assisting in the delivery of) legally "just outcomes" in timeshare disputes
  • will recruit members from different fields of the legal profession, timeshare Industry and marketing agencies who have specific knowledge (or are desirous of acquiring knowledge) of the timeshare industry
  • will provide and facilitate the dissemination of appropriate intelligence and education to legal vendors and consumers on the evolving international law and regulations which apply to timeshare - through providing educational updates, seminars, training sessions and bespoke conferences
  • will collate and generally make available to legal members; practical insights, testimonials and collateral on how timeshare in its various guises has been commercialised by individual developers.  This material, will be for the consideration, use and/or presentation in contractual disputes and litigation (with credit being given to the individual information supplier, where appropriate - subject to their permission)
  • will canvas the assistance of 'Funders', covering a range of products, to gain their help and support  in pursuing just claims
  • will (in conjunction with its members) set, apply, observe, maintain and promote professional standards and ethics appropriate to building an industry which holds the highest reputation and credibility amongst its consumers, ie the individual timeshare owner
  • will assist, paralegals, lawyers and solicitors with a portfolio of services (including research and tutorials in jurisdictional issues, timeshare and consumer regulations in European and other international markets) appropriate to providing effective legal advice/solutions to timeshare owners and any other holiday product which has a commitment longer than 1 year.