Memberships Options


Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members will be admitted and are required to pay the membership fee. They will have a right to attend and contribute at annual general meeting.


Corporate Members

Corporate membership will be granted to all who display a willingness to reform or continue to maintain the ethical principles of the Institute. Corporate Members (subject to status) will be given full and unfettered access to all the Institute services and will be answerable only to the Executive Office of the CEO.

Corporate membership will be open to any organisation that wishes to interact with the Institute or assist its membership in the development of our members’ knowledge.

Corporate Members (subject to status) will be given full and unfettered access to all the Institute services.

The benefits of corporate membership will be tiered according the time served. In addition to being only answerable to the Executive Office or the CEO, the benefits include access to consumer associations and bespoke articles promoting their services and comprise of:

  • discounted membership in ‘The Timeshare Association’
  • discounted advertisement on Timeshare Talk Forum (Europe’s largest talk forum)
  • discounted entry onto ‘Recommended Legal Service Providers’ on the Timeshare Consumers Association (TCA) and ‘The New Timeshare Association’
  • discounted advertisement
  • discounted entry to recommended legal service providers
  • assistance with and the completion of any and all registrations in respect to the IoP and NALP.

Corporate Members will be required to complete a membership form and acquiesce to the authority of the Executive Office and the Secretariat. They will also be required to assist, to the best of their ability, upon introduction by the Institute, other individual Institute members’ progression.

In all matters of corporate disciplinary procedure when a complaint is received, the Secretariat will transfer the matter to the Executive Office of the CEO who will appoint a Co-opted Member to investigate the matter and work the complaint with the Corporate Member. When the matter has been concluded, the investigating member will report their finding to the Executive Office. If appropriate, the matter will be referred to the Secretariat who will adjudicate and deliver that adjudication to the members.

Should the adjudication be challenged by the member who caused the complaint, the matter will be referred to the Institute CEO who will have jurisdiction thereon thereafter.

Corporate Members will be responsible for their employees/servants and agents and to the Institute.

Should the issue not be settled in accordance with the procedure and/or protocol the Secretariat will deal with the matter without the assistance of the Corporate Members.

Corporate Members will irrevocably provide (when required) representation at any meeting. All persons so designated will be identified by the Corporate Member. Changes in designation are permitted only when the Secretariat has been notified by the Corporate Member and the Secretariat has acknowledged and agreed with that change.

The Membership Secretary will use his/her discretion to determine whether a would-be Corporate Member is of sufficient credibility, relevance and usefulness to join. The Membership Secretary shall seek guidance from senior staff if and where appropriate to do so.


Honorary Fellow Members

Provision will be made to allow retired ‘Fellows’ to continue assisting the Institute in an honorary capacity. Retired Fellows will be exempt from all continuing professional development obligations.

The Executive Office of the Institute can (at its sole discretion) offer and award Honorary Fellowship to appropriate individuals who they believe are deserved or worthy of the honour. Honorary Corporate Fellowships are exempt from payment of all dues and continuing professional development obligations. No voting rights will attach.


Individual Members

All those working in the legal profession can apply to join, if their application is supported by their employer (a member of the Institute).

Individual Members can engage with, meet, greet and advise any consumers on legal matters concerning timeshare, long-term holiday products, leisure credits or any other long-term holiday commitment if they are qualified to do so.

Individual Members can attend meetings and speak, but it is only their employer with Corporate Membership who can vote.

Any individual person wishing to become an Individual Member shall submit a written application, and upon approval they shall be included on the roll as an Individual Member. The decision of the Secretariat shall be final.


Voting Rights

All Corporate Members will have ordinary voting rights and will cast the votes at annual and extraordinary general meetings or elect to proxy their vote to another. If a proxy vote is to be arranged, the Corporate Member must notify the Secretariat for acknowledgement and permission to be granted for the proxy to be used.

A member’s voting right may be suspended if a member is (at the time) under disciplinary investigation by the Membership Secretary.

Should a member not attend, their vote(s) will be in part or whole shared between the Executive Office and the Secretariat office, who will act in the interest of the membership as a whole.

The Executive Office will consist of 2 pre-eminent Executive Members and 3 Ordinary Members. The Ordinary Members will stand down every 2 years and submit to re-election.