Membership and Criminal Offences


The professional and personal integrity of our members is of paramount importance to the Institute.  It is for this reason, in applying for membership professional references are requested and applicants are required to disclose any criminal offences.


Professional References

Two professional references are required which can be an existing Institute Member, an employer or an individual who has known you in a professional capacity and will attest to your good character. Academic tutors who have directly supervised your work, solicitors/lawyers, doctors or the Police will also be accepted. 

Please also ensure that your referees consent to be a reference on their letter headed paper or from a professional email account, wherever possible.

All referees must confirm they are aware of the specific character and suitability issue(s) you have disclosed and identify these within the reference.

If you are a student currently studying, or if this membership request is occuring during your academic career, it is expected that one referee should be a tutor. If you are currently employed, or need membership whilst employed, one referee must be your current employer.

Please note referees must not be personal friends or family members.

Referees may be contacted directly to authenticate the reference, should the need arise. 


Enhanced Criminal Records Check

Please provide a detailed sequence of events leading up to any offence(s) being disclosed, including any mitigating circumstances which are relevant.  Once your application has been received, it may be deemed necessary to obtain a Criminal Records Check. If this is the case, you will be contacted with details of the process.


Confirmation of No Further Issues

You will be required to confirm that there are no further issues of which the Institute should be aware of, other than the issue(s) being disclosed.


Serious Motoring Offences

If any issues regarding motoring offences are being disclosed, you will need to supply the following:

  • A copy of the paper counterpart of your driving licence.
  • Evidence of disclosure to professional body: If you are a member of any other professional bodies, you must provide evidence that the issue(s) you have included in your application was disclosed to them. Please provide a confirmation letter from the professional body stating that the issue(s) was disclosed.