Membership Administration


Overall Administration

The Secretariat is responsible for managing all membership related matters, other than Corporate Memberships (which are managed by the Executive Committee)


Membership Applications

Applications should be made to the Membership Secretary (a member of the Secretariat) on the appropriate application form.

The Membership Secretary will use his/her discretion to determine whether a would-be Corporate Member is of sufficient credibility, relevance and usefulness to join. The Membership Secretary shall seek guidance from senior staff where appropriate.


Disciplinary Procedures

A TETLI Member (individual, corporate, or otherwise) may be expelled permanently or temporarily from the Institute by the Secretariat for conduct that is deemed:

  • unethical
  • likely to bring the Institute into disrepute
  • likely to bring other members into disrepute

The member shall be given the opportunity of explaining his/her/its behaviour, before the Secretariat takes any decision. However, the decision of the Secretariat shall be final unless the member complains to the Executive Office.


Cessation of Membership

A person shall cease to be a member of the Institute:

  • by delivering his or her resignation in writing to the Institute
  • by failing to renew the annual membership
  • on being expelled in the manner described above
  • on having been a member not in good standing for three consecutive months
  • upon death.

For clarification, a TETLI Member is no longer in good standing if he/she has:

  • failed to pay the current annual fee or any other subscription or debt due and owed to the Institute
  • failed to meet his or her continuing professional development obligation
  • failed to provide upon written request to disclose full details of his/her personal improvement activities to the Secretariat
  • contravened the Institute’s code of conduct, either, (but not limited to) in a serious way, or, in a more minor way, but has failed to rectify the breach for two or more months.  (Where such breach can be rectified).
  • failed to disclose matters that cast doubt on their suitability to become a member of the Institute
  • been criminally convicted in a serious matter or any matter involving dishonesty
  • become bankrupt or insolvent.