The Law Society


The Law Society exists to represent, promote and support all solicitors, so they in turn can help their clients.  It also works to ensure that no-one is above the law and to protect everyone's right to have access to justice. It promotes England and Wales as the jurisdiction of choice and the vital role legal services play in our economy.

The Law Society works internationally to open up markets to members and to defend human rights while supporting members with opportunities in the domestic market.

Solicitors pay their annual practising certificate fee to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The Law Society receives around 30 per cent of this fee to support, represent and promote the profession with other funding coming from commercial activities.

The Law Society Council governs solicitors’ work, with council members elected to represent members from England and Wales, including different demographic groups and parts of the profession.

It harnesses the knowledge of council members and around 300 volunteer board and committee members to deliver the advice, support and services solicitors want, continually listening and responding to members, so they can be sure their needs are met.

The Law Society helps current and future members by:

  • providing support, advice and guidance on areas of practice and management, tailored to members' individual needs
  • supporting equality, diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, enabling and encouraging the best people to join regardless of their background
  • campaigning on legal issues of importance to members and the public
  • acting as the approved regulator for solicitors, ensuring regulation is fair and proportionate while protecting the public.

The products and services meet the needs of the modern legal profession and focus on ensuring that solicitors have the right tools to deliver world-class legal services.