The Institute's Authority and 'Conduct Codes'


The Institute's principle objective is to provide assistance to its Members by offering to those Members and other individuals (who want to or have expressed an intent to deliver legal services to timeshare owners), professional cost effective assistance with a view to delivering just outcomes.

The Institute will ensure its Members meet high standards, and monitor Members, offering advice regarding improvements and will identify risk and act in accordance with good and ethical principles.

The Institute will provide support and guidance, as appropriate, to make the profile of Members greater.

When a Client Complains

- TETLI Members will have their own complaints procedure and this is obligatory or they will be required to adopt the Institute's procedure.  In the event of complaint existing and that Member hasn't resolved that complaint, they are entitled to raise the issue to the Institute who will investigate the matter (according to our published procedure) whilst try and resolve it, fairly.

HOWEVER, the institute is NOT a regulator, nor does it retain a mandate to regulate.

The Institute self-regulates its Members in accordance with a published 'Codes of Conduct'.

The extent of the Institute self-regulation is reserved, solely, to those within its membership.