Helping to Understand


Operating in the timeshare legal profession is not for the faint hearted and I think this proposition is known to the many lawyers who have experience within it. As an inductee, many will learn that the products are challenged, convoluted, difficult to be interpreted, with multiplicities and multi-layered contracts, domiciled in a variety of homeland and alien jurisdictions for which the contracting consumer can bring their cases in alternate countries.

Some have rebutted the contentions of the industry for many years and when doing so, conflicting advice appears everywhere as settled issues delivered by the courts exist, but are shrouded in a quagmire of competing, often publicising less than accurate information.

Clarity needs to be placed into the public domain, by those who are able to do so, which will lessen the impact of poor information, expose those who have deluded and thus bring collective credibility to those who are TETLI Members.

It is a fact that some of these queasy facts have been put into the public domain by the timeshare industry for the public at large to digest and when doing so, some (in the industry) have created other movements and given an authoritative name to them, which mischievously creates perverse confusion.

Some in the legal profession buy into these arguments and adopt them when constructing arguments, which can seriously impact the cases they deliver. Many have great experience in dealing with this kind of problem and can therefore assist others with nuggets of advice, so networking or pooling information will give benefits to all.

Applied mischief by opponents is difficult to detect and even harder when a profession is splintered, all need assistance now and again when considering complex multi-layered contracts.

We all need the core documents, leases, finance agreements’ constitutions, and other advertising literature to ensure we all have (at a moment’s notice), all the 'similar fact evidence' that is available to correctly deliver the service paid for by your clients.

In some cases we have learned that legal firms presently do share information which provides them with an abundance of knowledge, assisting them to elevate their fields of expertise, allowing significant growth.