Governance Review


TETLI has changed from being an unincorporated association consisting of a few to the accord of the many.

TETLI will actively pursue further modernisation of governance arrangements which will enhance the Institute and its members.  This website will provide updates, news and corporate events. We also expect to create opportunities for our new members to get involved who can give us their views.

We are conducting a consultation that will determine how The European Timeshare Law Institute operates into the future. Accordingly, we are seeking views on:

  • the election of members into positions on the 2 existing offices (the Executive and Secretariat offices) so that the new and up-and-coming individuals can demonstrate that they have the right skills and competences for the role.
  • whether or not to add into the Institute regional branches which could assist in a modernity of governance structure.
  • how to enhance members’ involvement with local (UK) and international branches.
  • what service portfolio is to be delivered by the Institute:- the relative importance of existing services and new service options for the future.
  • specialist reference points dedicated to a timeshare and long-term holiday product law.

All members want to prove that they retain a good service in a competitive market and that can only be done if modernity is embraced and expansion of the representations is afforded. So “make a difference” and become a member, hopefully changing the future for professional legal experts operating in an abundance of timeshare issues.

The European Timeshare Law Institute is its members, is Independent, has a wealth of external, commercial, educational substance and other expertise which may bring a breadth of intellectual and practical experience to the way in which all will operate.

The Institute is not reserved to a select few as we need members and representation from the width and breadth of the timeshare industry. Lawyers and all others are welcomed to ensure that TETLI have all operational heads in place, all of whom intend to embrace professionalism which will expand client confidence. If you want a voice, are actively seeking membership of a professional timeshare institution, you need look no further and should join a new organisational movement.