The Institute is an incorporation, a company under guarantee (not-for-profit) - thus a community and that community is the membership.

The membership will consist of professional body members and associates who have an interest in long-term holiday issues. Corporate memberships are accepted including individual members, solicitors’ advocates, other associations and lawyers.

TETLI will assist all members who conduct legal work for and on behalf of European consumers.


Statement of Purpose

To uphold the highest standards in timeshare, long-term holiday, and associated product law by assisting members in the delivery of legal advice and legal services. Offering and providing aid where necessary to members to further their understanding, for them to gain knowledge, and to elevate their practices through the improvement of their ethics across a troublesome sector of legal services.

Proviging professional membership to:

  • be a representative body for European lawyers / solicitors who advise and assist consumers in long-term holiday product law issues
  • implement general policies regarding all matters affecting the lawyer’s operation in this sector of the legal profession
  • ensure professional standards are maintained, that the standing, quality and diversity of the legal profession, its knowledge (in respect to long-term holiday product law) is maintained for the benefit of consumers
  • promote, and improve the services of the membership, to represent, act for, and assist the legitimate legal profession generally, including matters affecting the administration of justice.

In carrying out its purpose, the Institute shall work towards a number of goals.

  • Promoting a framework, in respect of marketing, engaging with and advising consumers who own long term holiday products.
  • Partnering with others including consumer associations, to promote greater access to justice for long-term holiday product owners.
  • Encouraging lawyers to increase their knowledge, skill sets, base and abilities through professional development.
  • Partner with other bodies with the aim of fostering and promoting the entire legal profession.
  • Partnering with other professional associations, institutions, and industry bodies, and to assist reporting on issues of relevance to members and those relying upon the services of members.
  • Encouraging members to provide a high quality of service to clients.
  • Providing members with information, support and other services as are expected of a professional body.
  • Acting in the best interest of the public.


Area of Operations

The Institute's primary area of operation is to represent and assist the European legal profession regarding jurisdictional and bespoke laws which flow from perceived contractual obligations from long-term holiday products, timeshares, leisure-credits law and other such products which bind or infer subjection to terms and obligations of more than 1 year.

The Institute will award memberships to organisations, companies, individual lawyers and solicitors and other knowledgeable entrants, both within and outside of the United Kingdom and may undertake partnerships or activity in homeland or other jurisdictions if such is of benefit to the Institute and its members.



Unless the context otherwise requires:

  • "Institute" refers to; The European Timeshare Law Institute
  • "Meeting" means a meeting of the of the Institute Board
  • "Member" means any membership title afforded to members including but not limited to:
    • Solicitors – juniors with less than 3 yrs calling up to seniors with over 10 years calling
    • Paralegal / lawyers
    • Seniors and Graduates (Fellows of the Institute),
    • Graduates (Senior Paralegal),
    • Legal Trainees (Reg paralegal),
    • Tier 1 Paralegals (less than 1 and 2 years),
    • Tier 2 Paralegals (above 2 years calling), and
    • Tier 3 Paralegals (above 3 years calling)
  • "Legal Experience”, “(LE)” means relevant employment or voluntary work which requires a person to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of the legal system and/or legal concepts
  • "the CEO" means the Chief Executive Office of the Institute and his/her officers
  • “Executive Office “is the Institute’s governing body authorised by the Secretariat



The purpose of the Institute is also to:

  • set professional standards and provide recognition for lawyers and solicitors so they can better deliver legal services to consumers in Europe regarding, European, Asian, African and American long-term holiday products
  • promote professionalism
  • carry out and dispense legal research regarding the industry and the products sold
  • educate and share regulations, laws appertaining to certain areas of dispute
  • uphold the highest standards in knowledge, practice and ethics across the holiday legal profession and to support all in developing the skills and knowledge required to meet high standards
  • assist individuals with career development.

Accordingly, the Institute will adopt an inclusive policy welcoming all, including but not limited to those at the beginning of their careers.

Membership will be decided by a Membership Secretary of the Secretariat. The Membership Secretary will use his/her discretion to determine (where relevant) whether the amount and type of legal work and (if appropriate) legal study done is sufficient to warrant the membership position/tier. In all cases when considering whether to grant membership, the Membership Secretary will have regard to an applicant's antecedents and character. The Membership Secretary will also consider whether the granting of membership is in the interests of the Institute and the existing membership.

The Institute will strive for diversity in the legal profession. Membership will be open equally to all people irrespective of creed, colour, nationality, ability or disability, age, gender or sexual preference. Membership will also be open to those with spent convictions, however the Membership Secretary will be entitled to take such convictions into account when considering an application. The Institute will retain its right to refuse membership if it considers this appropriate.