Frequently Asked Questions


Who can become a TETLI Member?

Anyone who can demonstrate they have the required knowledge regarding the products, that they have a willingness to become better at what they do and with the necessary skills able to give good advice regarding timeshare and long-term holiday products to those who are in need for direction.

How much does membership cost?

The first year of membership involves a fixed application fee, an initiation fee and 12 months subscription in advance. You can refer to our scale of membership fees, which are different in respect to each type of membership you want and to the service you require. The initial membership will be in the form of a trial and is priced so that you are encouraged to advance to full membership once the first 12 months has expired.

Can I pay the registration and subscription fee in instalments?  

When registering for the first time, the first 12 months fee must be paid in full. Thereafter, annual subscription fees can be paid quarterly in advance.

Can I get any funding to help pay for registration and subscriptions?

Unfortunately, the Institute does not offer funding.

Do I need any formal qualifications to join?

We strongly recommend you have at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above with one being English.

What evidence am I required to supply?

Graduates with a qualifying Law Degree and LPC or BPTC (formerly) BVC, are eligible to join.

Solicitors will have an automatic right to join, if they can demonstrate product knowledge.

Paralegals and legal advisors can join if they can demonstrate that they have sufficient product knowledge and are willing to have all their contentious legal matters dealt with by those who are regulated.

Is there an age limit to apply and register as a TETLI Member?

You must be over the age of 18 to register.

Why is an online service not available in respect to applications?

The application forms are located on the website (Applying for Membership under the Membership tab). However, we require all completed application forms and support information to be sent to us by mail.

Once received, your copy documents will be stored electronically and returned to you where appropriate.

What is the policy on removal of members from the Institute? 

It cannot be avoided that many who presently offer services do so with the best intentions, then however innocently, they can and do conduct themselves contrary to the necessary requirements. As we are not a regulator, that responsibility falls within the scope of others. We hope to move you from a position you are in, through from the first to the final steps. When that has occurred, and you are fully abreast of the rules regarding the delivery of legal advice/services you can be held to account for what you know to be wrong.

Does the Institute assist timeshare owners or compete with you?

No we don’t, we assist members only.

Can a consumer become a TETLI Member?

Not unless the Corporate Member proposes them as a meaningful interested party.

As a TETLI Member, who will I deal with?

You will be assigned to an officer, who will take your instructions and assist you in all matters.

Can I use the Institute logo and certificates in publications and literature?

Only Corporate Members can use all the intellectual property of the Institute and must upon leaving remove any and all intellectual property from any and all material including publications of literature immediately.

How do I stop or have removed derogator’s material?

Should a member suffer from derogatory material or content that appears on the internet and that material is likely to be untrue, defamatory or fail to establish how a reasonably held belief is possible, we will intervene and challenge the author, editor and publicist on your behalf.  We will engage with your opponent on your behalf and in any event try to have the article moderated.