EU Timeshare Directive (2008/122/EC)


The EU Timeshare Directive (2008/122/EC) was introduced (implemented in 2011) to give minimum standards for consumer protection throughout the EU in four separate timeshare and holiday product areas not previously covered by the 1994 timeshare legislation: specific timeshare products, longer-term products such as holiday clubs, resale of timeshare or holiday club memberships, and also exchange services.

The Directive applies to contracts where a consumer pays for a service concluded in an EU state, or related to any accommodation in an EU state, or entered into by a trader who conducts business in an EU state. It aims to prevent “pressure selling” by allowing a 14-day cooling-off period where withdrawal is possible and money deposits are not allowed. The rules apply to all forms of holiday accommodation, including boats and other moveable property such as cruise ships, canal boats and caravans.

The UK European Consumer Centre is part of the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net). There are 29 centres covering Europe, plus Iceland and Norway. The aim of the network is to provide advice and support to consumers who have a dispute with a trader based in a European country outside the UK. The Network will assist consumers in the attempt to resolve the complaint.