Employers of Lawyers, Paralegals etc


People are a law firm’s biggest asset in any evolving legal profession – it is vital to the business to recruit, develop and retain the very best.

TETLI work with a number of employers across the UK, to help them achieve their goals in the delivery of the best standards. Working together to ensure their teams develop the most modern niche legal practices, staffed with the very best legal professionals available.

TETLI work together with its members to ensure that (despite the odds) a modernity in legal practice develops with the finest legal professionals available. Assisting in the location of experts in their fields, specifically timeshare and long-term holiday products and providing literature on many resort contracts. Members can be rest assured that TETLI have access to some of the greatest timeshare legal professionals available in today’s market.

Provision of a range of business solutions and services for members’ employers is offered, tailored to individual needs to ensure efficient practice and operational efficiency.

Help is offered to Individual Members to recruit the right professional people for an organisation, and assist in their personal development and learning. Signposting is available to all who seek advancement to obtain accreditation, training programmes, and professional support via TETLI networking opportunities, tools and resources. All at your disposal including local and national events.

By working with TETLI you can only benefit.


Advocacy and Litigation Rights

Delivered under the Legal Services Act 2007 (s12) litigation and advocacy activities can only be conducted by authorised persons. The regulator (if they elect to do so) can award practice rights to enable some to become an authorised person.

The term Litigation and Advocacy Activities, under the Legal Services Act, means the ‘right to conduct litigation and advocacy’. In matters that relate to exercises of rights of audience in some courts when dealing with timeshare related matters we are dealing with civil rather than criminal matters.

A member may select to obtain advocacy rights in either prior to the trial, in the Judge’s quarters or Open Court rights which may be a little risky.


Who Can Apply for Litigation and Advocacy Rights?

Applications to become a Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate can be made by a range of applicants, including, non-solicitors, and others who can demonstrate that they have met the necessary knowledge, understanding, experience and skills outlined and the scheme rules.

In civil proceedings you may be able to undertake the following activities: -

  • Civil Litigation and Judge Room Advocacy (Chambers Advocacy) or
  • Civil Litigation and Open Court Advocacy

That explained, litigation and advocacy services can only be delivered through a regulated entity. That said, an advocate is not authorised until they have passed the Advocacy Skills Course. Approved applicants may become a Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate in civil proceedings, who is an authorised person under the Legal Services Act 2007.

This means they can carry out the litigation and advocacy activities set out in your certificate through a legal practice that is regulated.

If the intent is to practise independently i.e. to set up your own practice, regulation of your entity must be sought if that is the preferred option.


Entity Regulation

This a separate application process for entity regulation:

  • Making Your Initial Application
  • Application form require
  • Evidence of qualifications
  • Evidence of experience
  • Evidence of skills
  • The Fee

TETLI can point you in the right direction. However, you should consult with your own professional body and if you are a junior solicitor, you should approach your supervisors for assistance.  In matters concerning paralegals it is unlikely that you will be granted any rights of audience unless you have displayed significant skills and knowledge in the field of law you specialise in.

To make matters clear The European Timeshare Law Institute cannot assist you other than signposting you to those who can.


Practice Management

Practice Management and accounts must be demonstrated by all applicants seeking to work in a regulated entity. If your intention is to run your own entity you will also need a Compliance Manager. This could be you, however we recommend that you employ another. The Compliance Manager will need to demonstrate practice management and accounts competence


To Obtain Civil Litigation and Advocacy Rights

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they have gained knowledge in either Contract Law or Tort Law and Civil Litigation. It is generally accepted that there are 3 routes that you can demonstrate competence. This part of the application form requires you to choose one or a combination of options from the three routes. You may rely on examinations you have passed in Contract Law or Tort Law and Civil Litigation with an accredited organisation.