Definition of Terms



Unless stated to the contrary: -

  • "Institute" and ‘TETLI’ refers to; The European Timeshare Law Institute.
  • "Meeting" means a meeting of the of the Institute Board and or its Secretariat.
  • "Member" means any membership title granted a member by the Secretariat with the authorisation of the governing office, including but not limited to:
    • Junior Solicitors - less than 3 years calling
    • Experienced Solicitors – 3 to 10 years calling (tier 1 professional)
    • Senior Solicitors - over 10 years calling (tier 1 professional)
    • Junior Paralegals
    • Experienced Graduate Paralegals
    • Senior Paralegals
    • Senior and Graduate Paralegals (tier 1 professional)
  • "Legal Experience” means relevant employment or voluntary work which requires a person to have performed substantive legal work that requires knowledge of the legal system and/or legal concepts.
  • ​"the CEO" means the Chief Executive Office of the Institute and his/her officers.
  • “Executive Office “ is the Institute’s governing body consisting of no less than 5 members.
  • “The Secretariat” is the day-to-day managers; comprising of appointed members who assist in the direction and running of the Institute and will consist of no more than 11 authorised members all of which are authorised by the Executive Office.  The role of the Institute Secretariat is to set professional standards and provide recognition for lawyers and solicitors so they can better deliver legal services to their clients regarding European, Asian, African and American long-term holiday products.