Choose a TETLI Member


Having trouble finding a knowledgeable, reliable law firm who can advise on timeshare related matters? You may be well served by contacting and engaging with one of the Institute Members - at the very least, you will have the confidence in knowing that:

  • they have been vetted by experts
  • they have taken significant strides to operate ethical behaviour
  • they remain committed to ensuring that they will comply to delivering a consumer compliance service
  • they have proven in past tests the ability to perform both financially and moralistically

Our advice is, don’t ring just one TETLI Member, call as many as you like. Speak to them all if necessary, so that you can educate yourself, settle doubts and confidently make a considered decision which best suit your needs. All TETLI Members have agreed with and signed up to our Institute ‘Code of Conduct’ ethics policy, and we believe they are more likely than not, able to deliver a good and reasonable service.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, just call us as we may be able to help you locate the most compatible lawyer.

All TETLI Members are qualified, licenced or regulated and they have a composite profile which you can view.