The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)


CILEx is the professional association for 20,000 chartered legal executive lawyers, paralegals and other legal practitioners in England and Wales.

For more than 50 years, it has been offering access to flexible careers in law and, like the SRA, works closely with the Government and the Ministry of Justice. It is recognised in England and Wales as one of the three core approved regulators of the legal profession alongside barristers and solicitors.

CILEx was founded in 1892 and the Institute of Legal Executives became a company limited by guarantee in 1963 with the support and co-operation of the Law Society.

On 30 January 2012, it became incorporated by Royal Charter and is now known as the 'Chartered Institute of Legal Executives'. In 2013, it celebrated 50 years of legal careers and has a network of branches throughout England and Wales with many members overseas.

CILEx objectives are to:

  • provide an organisation for persons who are registered or studying with the Institute who provide legal services and who are a resident in England and Wales or elsewhere
  • provide for the education, training and development of skills for Fellows and persons who wish to become experts in the law or otherwise
  • advance and protect the status and interests of Fellows and those persons referred to above
  • promote professional unity, co-operation and mutual assistance amongst persons employed in the legal profession or engaged in legal work
  • promote and secure professional standards of conduct amongst Fellows and those who are registered with the Institute, by publishing a code of conduct, guides to good practice and the protocol between the Institute and its regulatory body, CILEx Regulation, and regulating the membership through that body to ensure compliance with those standards
  • give and award diplomas, certificates, prizes, scholarships, bursaries or other awards to those who show proficiency in the law.