Association of Law Costs Draftsmen


The organisation was formed as the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen in 1977 with the object of promoting the status and interests of the profession of law costs draftsmen generally and ensuring the maintenance of the highest professional standards.  The name of the association was changed in 2011 following the recognition of Costs Lawyers in the Legal Services Act 2007.

The Association promotes and fosters an appreciation of the contribution made by Costs Lawyers within the legal profession and its aims include the exchange of ideas and information with other legal bodies. The ACL is recognised as an important contributor to law reform relating to costs law and procedures.

The ACL sets the high standards of Costs Lawyers through our independent regulator, the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB).

The ACL is the only professional body providing recognised training and education in costs law through a modular training course covering all aspects of costs law and practice.