Are We to Stay Silent?


Most lawyers will understand that when delivering legal services to timeshare complainants, a battle may have raged for some time and many of the complainants are untrustworthy.

The timeshare industry has over many years delivered unique advice, enabling many resorts to band together and create objection groups, which (in part) ensured their positions were represented, the contracts being protected and members could not be picked off one by one.

In the world of professional legal services who challenge timeshare contracts, you can find heated antagonism and squabbles with those you oppose. Therefore some legal professionals find themselves fighting on all fronts. Is that profitable?  Would you not like, most of the opposing blustering antagonists to be eradicated?

Overt and internet blustering that delivers assaults against others deters clients and obstructs clarity from what are good, reasonable and responsible marketeers, advisors, legal advisers, legal teams, solicitors, paralegals, lawyers and many others, in the legal profession.

If you are in dispute with a member it makes sense to engage with them and settle your differences. All need representation regarding some of the 'slings and arrows' delivered by the timeshare industry, whether legitimate or not.

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) has created sub organisations they control and has developed external connections to provide assistance to governmental bodies, and yet independent lawyers who challenge its members for infraction in the law have no representation.

The voice of the legal profession appears to have been silenced.