Adverse and Derogatory Comments


Most of our day to day efforts will be exhaustive, by initially trying to crystallise you into being a TETLI Member and further assisting you with progression.

When delivering timeshare legal services to consumers there is an abundance of companies who like to disseminate on the public ‘at large’ comments regarding other operators who they consider to be harmful etc.

Accordingly, we will assist you to stop this bad press. Simply explained is, that if you are a Member and have agreed to the terms of the Institute you will be required to take down all negative material regarding an existing Member. Likewise, existing Members will be required to do the same about you.

The Institute will not under any circumstance permit Members to deliver adverse publicity, allegations insinuations, derogatory comments, innuendoes, inferences or false statement of facts against Members or others, as to do so diminishes the Institute, its membership and the profession as a whole. Its issue is, it’s not becoming of a Member. It is the job of the authorities, regulators, others and Consumers Associations to warn - not our Member’s.

Of course, the Consumer Associations and the regulated Members may be excused, as they concede to or may be required to assent to other principles, regulations or authorities. That explained, the institutional consumer Members may elect to moderate from making expressions of opinions and refrain from making derogatory comments regarding our Members, if the members concede to our ruling provided by the Secretariat and it is seen to be making advancement by way of offering solutions to past problems.

We are fast growing and now consist of many Lawyers and Institutions, we hope to become a requisite force in opposition to ever-combatant unlawful products.

This does not mean you should be defensive in the promotion of yourself or ourselves, nor should we be combatant in nature. The Institute and its Members simply want to exist and serve its Members who can freely engage with their clients who have a desire to have issues settled by reasonable minds.