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The European Timeshare Law Institute (TETLI) is committed to assisting its members and others in the legal profession directly or indirectly, so that the delivery of professional legal services provided by our members is enhanced. This in turn assists the clients of our members who are anxious about the timeshare or long-term holiday product they bought.

Our Institute has been formed in recognition of the confusion, lack of knowledge, misgiving and sub-optimal performance which characterises some parts of the profession. This perception is derived from a lack of knowledge about the many facets and complex dynamics which exist in the timeshare sector, whether this be; the changing forms of timeshare products, the legislation in alternate jurisdictions and the performance/ethics of both individual sales merchants or legal professionals.

Our Institute will pursue its objective through:

  • Building an awareness within the legal profession, legal service vendors and consumers, to guide consumers towards Institute members.
  • Becoming a highly successful organisation, as a valuable resource when considering timeshare related legal matters in all jurisdictions.
  • Providing general and detailed information to help its members to better understand their options when pursuing legal tasks or presenting legal actions.
  • Providing its members with information, as well as drafts of letters which will actively support them in tendering advice and/or undertaking legal services on behalf of their clients.

In joining the Institute, it is envisaged members will embrace the relevant professional standards and will continuously seek opportunities to improve the service provided to their clients, whether that service be:

  • The collection of data
  • Marketing legal services
  • Vetting or engaging with clients
  • Delivering advice
  • Pre-action service
  • Litigation, mediation or any other legal or associated service that the Lawyer is licenced or regulated to conduct.

The attitudes and standards to which members of the Institute are expected to embrace and comply with, are summarised in the Institute's ‘Code of Conduct’. The most direct way that we can help members is to take them through the standards expected of them and guide them on the requirements expected in certain matters appertaining to delivery of legal services.

The European Timeshare Law Institute (TETLI) is an operating organisation for The European Holiday Law Centre Ltd, which is a Community and not-for-profit Company, founded and based in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK.  The European Holiday Law Centre Ltd pursues the same mission as TETLI but across a wider range of sectors involved in the holiday industry.